“Your numbers are not just a number at Rathnau Law”

As a CPA, Regina Can Help Put a CAP on Your Income and Business Taxes

Regina Rathnau is a Certified Public Account with more tenyears of tax experience gained at the “Big Four” public accounting firms in the Second City (first in her heart). This public accounting experience has provided her with an in-depth knowledge of tax accounting methods, corporate taxation, tax compliance, as well as IRS defense work. In short, she will not only handle your taxes with unsurpassed expertise, she is passionate about her tax work and thoroughly enjoys this vibrant aspect of her practice. 

With Regina, filing taxes is less taxing. She will visit you at home to gather materials (minimal shoeboxes please), charge a fee based on a fee chart for the work involved (as opposed to an hourly basis, which can be problematic), and return the finished product with speed and meticulous accuracy. We generally guarantee to have a draft tax return for your review within one week of receiving all of your tax documents. And unlike the big “Block Store,” Regina takes a personal interest in your returns and doing a great job for you. Your numbers are not just a number at Rathnau Law. Count on her for the following tax services:


Income Tax Preparation, Federal and State.

Gathering information is done personally. Filing is done electronically. Some clients don’t ever have to come into the office, though it’s easy to arrange a discussion at your home if there are matters that are more complicated or require special attention. As an added value and unlike other CPA’s, Regina does not charge for calls and consultations during the year. If you want to sell some stock you acquired, or purchase a business or are wondering about the tax implications of a $100 million dollar inheritance, you can feel free to call without the clock ticking and you can also feel free to take us out to dinner. We guide you at no extra charge throughout the year

Regina is proud to take full responsibility for the timeliness and accuracy of her work on your behalf. She notes: “If there is a mistake on your tax return and the mistake is my fault, I will not only quickly reconcile the issue; I will also pay any penalties or interest that have accrued.”She generally does not charge for amending tax returns, which happens on occasion. Regina stands behind her product.


Readlily Navigating IRS Tax Controversy Issues.

If you have an encounter with the IRS (unfortunate as that may be), we will willingly intercede on your behalf and negotiate strategically for you. In addition to being unpleasant, a tax controversy can take you or your business through many worrisome and time-consuming actions, including appeals, administrative audits, post-appeal mediation and beyond. At Rathnau Law, we analyze each situation, each need then focus on the best strategic response and solution for you based on our CPA and legal expertise. We come up with the solution: “position it, submit it, sell it and fight for it.” There is no controversy when it comes to the skills Regina brings to you and the tax tables.


See Us for Overseas Disclosures

Overseas disclosures are a hot new area of pursuit for the IRS.  If you have a bank account in any other country, you need to disclose it and if you don’t, penalties can be substantial. Avoid treading in troubled waters. Let us oversee your overseas disclosures.

Surviving and Even Thriving Through Tax Audits

If you’re being audited by the IRS, we have some options available to you, including adept skill at  negotiating down the taxes the IRS claims are due. Our role in the audit depends upon your individual needs, though the IRS will notify you in advance regarding the areas in your return that they are questioning. It may be that they feel your charitable donations need supporting, or they may question the extent of cash payments for goods or services. No need to worry. We’ll approach it methodically and in some instances mathematically to work arrange acceptable numbers. Regina will inform you regarding “the argument the IRS is going to want to and need to hear” and we’ll adhere to providing the response that is in your best interest.

We stay within the law and do not stray from it, but the law or IRS positions have grey areas requiringinterpretation that can help your case, interjection of new return information, or wise negotiating tactics.  With Rathnau Law is in your corner, the IRS does not stand for Inflexible

Past-due Tax Returns Handled Readily

Don’t worry if you’re late filing. Taking care of past due, long over-due and evennon-submitted tax returns and amended tax returns are a forte of Rathnau Law Practice.

General Disclaimer

No information on this website constitutes legal advice. No attorney-client relationship exists between anyone viewing this site and the Law Office of Regina L. Rathnau LLC. An attorney-client relationship and attorney-client privilege only exists upon the client retaining the Law Office of Regina L. Rathnau and signing an engagement letter.