The Value of Estate Planning with Regina Rathnau Law

“Where there’s a will there’s a way—to pass your assets on to your family and reduce estate taxes”

Do you need estate planning? Just about everyone does. If you want to provide for the people you love and wish to have your estate matters handled and your assets distributed precisely as you wish, you need estate planning.

Benjamin Franklin recognized the wisdom of estate planning and while he didn’t say, “Speaketh to Rathnau Law about your will and trusts,” he did say, “nothing can be certain in this life but death and taxes.” We take umbrage with the taxes part since we help our clients avoid estate taxes as best we can. And in terms of the certainty of our mortality, unlike other estate attorneys, our focus at Rathnau is not on death, it’s on life --on enhancing the lives of the people you love the most and providing a  legacy–a testimony to the extent of your love that lives on after you.

What is Estate Planning? It is the process of anticipating and arranging for the disposal of an estate upon death, though it often contemplates issues before death. The goals of Estate Planning areto eliminate uncertainties over the administration of your estate and maximize the value of the estate by reducing taxes and other expenses. When children are involved, owners of the estate will designate guardians for minor children and beneficiaries who may be incapacitated.


Nine Reasons Estate Planning Is Valuable

Estate planning resembles insurance in the fact that waiting too long to obtain it can sometimes eliminate the opportunity to take advantage of it. There are at least nine advantages to having a plan in place (now or as soon as possible), including the ability to:

  1. Provide for your Immediate Family
    Couples want to leave whatever money and assets they have to their surviving partner. Couples with children want to assure their children’s education and financial well-being. One way of doing this is to let Rathnau Law create a will for you that recommends personal guardians for the children. If you don’t have a will or trust—the court can and will make critical decisions for you –without  your input—regarding where your kids will live and who will make important decisions about their money, education, and way of life. No one wants these incredibly important decisions taken out of their hands. Put your confidence and trust in ours.

  2. Reduce Costly Taxes on Your Estate
    State or Federal inheritance taxes takemoney away from your beneficiaries. Saving you money on estate tax and income taxes is a non-taxing experience for us. We specialize in getting the maximum allowed by law to your beneficiaries and the minimum to Uncle Sam.

  3. Get your property to beneficiaries as soon as possible
    Together we can investigate options that distribute your assets safely, fairly and quickly, including insurance paid directly to beneficiaries, joint tenancy, and living trusts, as well as using simplified or expedited probate and leveraging laws that provide partial payments to beneficiaries while your will may be in probate.

  4. Plan forwhenyou’re Incapable of Planning
    At Rathnau Law, when we work with you to plan your estate, we can also plan for possible mental or physical incapacity. Living wills and durable health-care powers of attorney will enable you to decide in advance about life support for you and you can pick someone to make decisions for you about the medical treatment you wish to receive…or not.

  5. Reduce Strainand Pain on Your Family
    If we plan your estate with us in advance, you will take a major burden from the shoulders of your grieving survivors. You may even want to place a limit on the expense of your burial or designate your burial place.

  6. Minimize Your Legal Costs – “Bucks paid to us”
    We’re cost conscious to begin with and are confident you will find our estate planning and other services priced surprisingly low. Our plan is to keep the cost of transferring property to beneficiaries as low as possible, leaving more money for them for their lives ahead.

  7. Choose Executors/Trustees for your estate
    Choosing competent executors/trustees and giving them the necessary authority will save money, reduce the burden on your survivors, and simplify administration of your estate. Rathnau Law can help you ask the questions to sort out the best fiduciaries for the long term.

  8. Be Charitable and Help a Cause.
    An estate plan is a wonderful way to continue your financial support of any religious, educational or other charitable cause, and at the same time take advantage of tax laws designed to encourage private philanthropy.

  9. Provide for People in Your Life who Need Added Help and Guidance
    Perhaps you have a disabled child or a child challenged in another way. Do you have an elderly parent or a grandchild whose education you want to assure? Let’s talk about setting up a special trust fund for family members who need support that you won't be there to provide.

  10. Ensure Big Help for Your Small Business
    If you have a small or large business, contact us at Rathnau Law. We can provide for an orderly succession and continuation of your business by spelling out what will happen to your share of the business after your passing.

One More Reason to Use Rathnau Law

Clients say we have bigger ears than normal. They just don’t show up on a portrait (fortunately); it just means we listen more attentively than others to gain an understanding of your desires and personal goals. After we meet—at your home if that’s convenient—we use our expertise and years of experience to make suggestions and formulate a plan in your best interests. Together, we’ll review your plan in detail prior to any signing to ensure that you are completely comfortable with the documents drafted for you. Fees (more reasonable than you expect –and even downright surprising) are discussed in advance before any work on your behalf is undertaken. Sound like a plan? If that appeals to you, why not contact us now and we can plan to get together?

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